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The Winners of the Produce Show 2017 - Cultivate Waltham Forest
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The Winners of the Produce Show 2017

The Winners of the Produce Show 2017

Sunday’s Produce Show was a great day out packed with food growing fun and information from all the Cultivate Festival partners. We were delighted by the number of entries into the show. Thanks to everyone involved and to the very supportive crowds who attended and enthusiastically applauded our winners.

Congratulations to the all the winners!

  • Best Fruit or Veg: Kate Rice with her ‘perfect chard’, best the judges had tasted!
  • Best Platter: Alison and Marcel with their attractive all green platter and giant cabbage!
  • Best exotic or Heritage Crop: Lincoln aged 8 and sister Vivienne for their adorable cucamelons!
  • Best Preserved Produce: Khadijah Zaidi with her Spiced Plum Jam (a very competitive category!)
  • Best Young Grower: Otto with his ‘sensational’ rainbow carrots!
  • Best Young Preserver: Alice with her rustic St Agnes Delight Jam made with whole fruit picked in the Isles of Scilly and a tomato Sauce.
  • Urban Food Champion Waltham Forest – Business Category: Today Bread, received by Alexandre Bettler

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