Cultivate WF
Cultivate WF 2014 - Cultivate Waltham Forest
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Cultivate WF 2014

Cultivate WF 2014

Cultivate, Urban Food Growing FestivalWaltham Forest will host its first urban food growing festival – Cultivate – over a 9 day period this spring with the aim of transforming it into the garden of London.
Cultivate, Waltham Forest will showcase all that is already on offer in the borough, support new initiatives, provide teaching and training on growing your own, highlight established networks and create a forum for further collaboration and projects.
The event will kickstart with a one day conference where established and new local food growers, sustainable and home grown champions will come together to share debate to help to create and put in place initiatives for sustainable food growing in the borough.
The conference will be complemented by activities, stalls and information showing the whole food cycle and aims, amongst other things, to i) establish a Waltham Forest Food Co-operative, ii) create new community food growing plots and spaces, and iii) promote food growing for personal use and sale.
Then follows a week’s programme of events that will demonstrate the broad range of approaches to urban food growing and  offer something for all people working in the food sector, community projects, local businesses and residents with an interest  in growing. Festival events during this week include practical workshops and demonstrations, cycle and walking tours, a food fair/ market place.
Cllr Clyde Loakes, who is championing the initiative for Waltham Forest says: “Our aim is to become the urban food growing borough of London, to enhance the sense of well-being for our residents.”
The borough already has an established movement of food growers with many organisations, community groups and individuals growing for themselves and for sale with strong sustainable ethos.
The food growing festival is a London Borough Waltham Forest initiative and will be delivered by the following festival partners: –
  • Artillery,  who last year ran the highly successful Appetite Food Festival
  • Organic Lea,  a workers’ cooperative growing food on the edge of London’s Lea Valley
  • Capital Growth, London’s food growing network
  • To Market, food and creative marketing agenc


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