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Cultivate Festival - Network Event - Cultivate Waltham Forest
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Cultivate Festival – Network Event

Cultivate Festival – Network Event

Forming a Food Partnership

Held on Wednesday 9 March, 4.30-7pm, Leytonstone Library, 6 Church Lane,  E11 1HG.

For community groups, food growers, allotment holders, farmers, food businesses, suppliers of locally grown or sourced foods, Public Health officers, teachers and anyone interested in food issues.

We believe Waltham Forest’s Local Food Partnership will have a unique offering and we want you to be a part of it!

As Waltham Forest’s Food Growing Strategy begins to take shape, Waltham Forest Council recognises the value and greater impact in taking a joined up approach to food growing and associated food issues. The Council are looking to engage and collaborate with the vast array of food organisations and groups in the borough to help us to shape our Food Growing Strategy and play an active role in delivering our objectives by joining our Local Food Partnership network.

An event to show all the food related activity going in Waltham Forest, work out how these activities could be scaled up and linked, and who will work together to drive forward a local food strategy and a local food partnership.