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Schools Challenge - Cultivate Potato Parties - Cultivate Waltham Forest
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Schools Challenge – Cultivate Potato Parties

Schools Challenge – Cultivate Potato Parties

Are you and your school  up for a challenge?  cropped-cultivate-waltham-forest-image.jpg

OrganicLea invites you and your school to participate in the 2015 Potato Challenge and get stuck in with Plant Out Parties. Throughout Cultivate, OrganicLea will be hosting parties in participating schools to celebrate the planting out of their potatoes.

These will be community events where school sta, students and familiesare invited to plant out potato crops that might win your school team atrip to OrganicLea’s 2015 Potato Fest.

Who knows you may even be crowned the Potato Challenge champions! There will also be prizes that will be given out as part of Walthamstow Garden Party in the summer.

The parties will launch the challenge set to students: could your plot grow enough potatoes to feed your entire school?

Contact OrganicLea for more details: