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What to grow with Children

What to grow with Children

Gardening With Kids

Top 10 Tips: Part 2 of 2

 Gardening with children is great fun whatever their age. Now that the weather is starting to warm up why not try these great tips for how to involve the kids and ‘grow your own’.

Temping taste buds71

Another wonderful way to get kids inspired by gardening is by growing things they love to eat – and you can’t beat strawberries for that! They can even be grown in pots so your little one can be responsible for her very own plants. And the best bit? Eating them with cream in the summer time of course!

Learn all about growing strawberries86


One thing that really is worth buying is a water spray gun so your children can help water the little plants as they grow rather than let them drown the poor things (and your workspace) with a watering can. You can get a spray bottle for kids in bright colours quite cheaply. This way even very young children can help with watering.


Why not chat to others about must-have gardening tools before you buy?


123Repurpose your sandpit

Think outside the (window) box when it comes to growing things. All sorts of containers and vessels can be used, from juice cartons with a side cut out, to loo roll holders, wellie boots, and old fruit boxes.

You can even use your old sandpit. Simply fill with soil or compost, add seeds and maybe pop the sandpit lid back on whilst they germinate.  It’s easy to grow radishes, spring onions and carrots in this way, protected if necessary by an old net curtain.


124Call in help!

If gardening isn’t really your thing why not get the grandparents involved? It can be a really lovely bonding experience for the two generations and you get the added benefit of a sit down and a cup or tea.

If that’s not an option why not ease in slowly with some gardening pictures for your little one to print and colour?


125More on gardening

We have lots more information on gardening and fun things to do in the garden, so why not have a browse around for inspiration?


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