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Beans On String

Beans On String

Morag McGuire (from Artillery) and Del Taylor (from Original Army, part of Studio 3 Arts) came up with the idea of flying bean-shaped kits over Hollow Ponds “to conjure the start of spring and inspire the beans that have been planted to grow fantastic crops”.

Taking their inspiration from Jack and the Beanstalk, they imagine that the beans will grow however high visitors can fly their kites!

How high can you go?

They’re making special bean-shaped kites out of lightweight material. Some of them will be strung together and hoisted as high as possible into the sky to give them a presence over Hollow Ponds and Leyton Flats – which is a great kite-flying spot apparently.

Morag said, “People are welcome to come along with their own ideas and try and find better ways of flying the kites and getting them as high as possible. We also want people to come and talk to us about what they’re growing”.

There will be lots of experienced gardeners on-hand to answer any questions visitors have, and to give advice about planting beans and helping them thrive, including Morag who is a self-proclaimed “very proud allotmenteer”. At the moment, her growing is doing very well, she’s got forests of sprouting broccoli that need harvesting every week.

Full of beans

There’s also going to be a bean give-away (thanks to OrganicLea for supplying the beans), so visitors can take them home and put their valuable new knowledge to good use… and see how high they grow.