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Cultivate Produce Show – Business Category

Cultivate Produce Show – Business Category

Sunday 3 September | 12pm-7pm | Free entry
Cultivate Marquee, Leytonstone Street Fest, Church Lane Car Park, Leytonstone E11


Are you a local Urban Food Champion?

Are you a Waltham Forest business or community enterprise growing, producing or selling food?
The Cultivate Produce Show invites you to enter it’s first award to recognise the work of individuals, community groups or companies that work with food, have strong ethical policies, create jobs and opportunities, and support local supply chains.

This category is run in association with London Food Link, part of the charity Sustain.

You need to enter in advance to take part via the following form.
Entries close at 5pm on Tuesday 29 August
Winners will be announced from 5pm on Sunday 3 September

Winners will also be featured in our Cultivate social media, website and newsletter in the week following the Cultivate Produce Show.

Enquiries to:

Entry guidelines

To be eligible, your business/enterprise must grow, produce or sell food/drink in LB Waltham Forest.

When writing your entry, please don’t just throw in words like sustainable, seasonal, local, community, or ethical without backing these up. Please make clear what good food policies and practices your enterprise follows. Find out more at:

Additional criteria for particular types of food/drink:
• Bread: Must be Real Bread, ie made without any artificial additives or processing aids
• Honey: Collected from hives in the borough, not just blended/packaged here
• Preserves: Made without artificial additives from fruit or veg grown in the borough (salt, vinegar, sugar and spices can come from elsewhere) or from surplus produce

The judges are keen to know any ways in which your enterprise:
• operates in a demonstrably sustainable/ethical way – eg vegan, certified organic, paying London Living Wage, operating as a worker-owned cooperative, reducing surplus and preventing food waste etc.
• creates and supports jobs and otherwise contributes to our local economy in Waltham Forest
• offers training and social benefits, particularly to people having a tougher time than most of us – particularly if you say you run a social enterprise
• works to reduce the negative, or increase the positive, health impacts of what you make or do

Retailers (shops, stalls, box schemes, local markets and online outlets) and eateries should list the Waltham Forest growers and producers they buy their ingredients from.

If you serve meat, poultry, fish or seafood, please also say what higher welfare standards you insist upon – eg free range poultry, outdoor reared meat, or certified sustainable fish/seafood.

• Winners will be chosen from eligible, participating entries, primarily based upon what you write in your entry, rather than what’s on your website or you assume they know about you
• The judges’ decisions are final and neither they or the partner organisations will enter into correspondence about them
• We are sorry but on this occasion we cannot give feedback on individual applications

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