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Grow Your Own Challenge

Grow Your Own Challenge

Summer is here, and many people will now be enjoying their first crops from their Grow Your Own Challenge packs. Show us your growing successes and surprises at the Waltham Forest Summer Produce Show hosted by Artillery at the Walthamstow Garden Party, follow this link for more information about how to take part.

Grow, harvest, preserve and show the fruits of your labour. You can grow food almost anywhere in all types of containers, from window box to allotment plot. This pack has been created to get you started growing food that you can enjoy and share in time for summer.

All the suggestions for things to grow in the pack will be ready to pick this summer, and in the right conditions will fruit in good time for the Waltham Forest Summer Produce Show on 18th July 2015. But if you have yet to open your pack be reassured that many of the seeds can still be sown and, in the right conditions, could flourish.

Community Group Starter Packs
We have a limited number of Bumper Starter Packs which include the seeds you need to take part in the challenge. Community groups, resident associations and clubs are encouraged to contact Morag to request a pack:

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