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Growing Together

Growing Together

Growing Together is an on-going project at Higham Hill Children’s Centre where staff and families who visit the centre are transforming the small area at the front from its current state – an uninviting wasteland – into a planting area that the children can get involved with. The project was called Growing Together by the staff “because the plants and the children will be all growing at the same time”.

Learning & growing together

Penny, from the children’s centre, said that, “The project was set up not just to make the area more appealing but as a way for children to learn about planting and growing, and where food comes from. When the vegetables are ready to eat, the kids will harvest them and the staff will use everything they’ve grown in the kitchen at the centre.”

Roll your sleeves up

You can get involved too by helping out through the Big Dig on March 22nd between 10am and 3pm. Green-fingered volunteers will help to plant vegetables and flowers, which involves making raised vegetable beds. If you’ve got relevant experience it will be put to good use but don’t worry if you haven’t, there’ll still be plenty you can do to help. You may even learn some new skills to put to good use in your own garden or plot.