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Judy’s First Love – Growing Outdoors

Judy’s First Love – Growing Outdoors

entrance fieldJudy Beaupierre’s story:

“As someone whose dad was an “Agricultural Officer” and loved the outdoors and was always planting something or the other, I enjoyed a lot of home grown produce as a child however my attempt at food growing had only been a herb pot in my garden.

I loved the idea of growing my own vegetables but had never felt confident enough to do so. So I was delighted last summer to have been offered a “box” by the Council to have a go on the Oliver Road site along with other growers. It has been good to be part of a food growing community being able to meet ‘neighbours’, share tips and crops.  The box is deceptively spacious and because of the height (you don’t have to bend down to plant)  is easily manageable.  In my first season I basically threw a lot in so I planted corn, onions, leeks, peppers, parsley, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli and spinach.

Most of which did very well given we had a lovely long summer.  I even had the odd strawberry!

I have also had the opportunity to attend very informative food growing workshops put on by the council to support us throughout that time.

At the moment because of the winter weather I am allowing my plot to rest.  I am currently growing a number of crops from seeds in a window box at home which I intend to transfer to the plot. So this year I hope to be far more organized and knowledgeable in terms of what goes together and how to maintain and manage the soil and plants.”