Cultivate WF
Organiclea - Cultivate Waltham Forest
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The freshest, tastiest, sustainably grown fruit and veg – from £5 per week. In your budget and in your neighbourhood!

Our scheme is incredibly local – much of the produce comes from Organiclea’s growing site in Chingford. Regularly, we are supplied by our “Cropshare” scheme of local gardeners and allotment holders who supply their surplus – from lettuces picked that morning from an allotment in Leyton, or plums from a Walthamstow garden.  And the rest? it comes directly from small-scale organic farmers in East Anglia, Kent and their cooperative partners in Europe: and we tell you every week the exact origin of your produce.

The majority of produce is harvested and packed into your bags within 24hours, we find this improves flavour and that produce stays fresh longer.

Click here to find out more about Organiclea Box Scheme