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Seed Packet Art Project

Seed Packet Art Project

CALLOUT TO WALTHAM FOREST GARDENERS – Invitation to be part of a seed packet art project for William Morris gallery show  

I am currently making work that explores links between William Morris’s utopian romance ‘News From Nowhere’, and the network of food growing sites in the Borough of Waltham Forest, following my recent artist residency at the William Morris Gallery. I am particularly interested in the similarities between Morris’s visions for a future London and the politics and ideas surrounding Organiclea’s growing co-operative and other local growers working for a more sustainable future.

As part of the work, I would like to invite gardeners to participate in my seed packet project by responding to the following:

You fall asleep one day and wake up in an imaginary London of the future – write or draw on an empty seed packet your ideas for how you would like the city of the future to appear.  You could wake up in the distant future or closer to the present day, and the place you describe or draw could be as realistic or fantastical as you wish.  

Please fully open out your seed packet and write/draw either on the front or plain back. You could write just a few spontaneous words or a more considered response. The packets I collect will be shown alongside the film installation from 8th October-6th November 2016 at the William Morris gallery. Send in your name and e-mail address on the reverse side of your completed packet for updates or visit

Seed packets drop-off point/postage: Please drop the packets in an envelope to Vestry House Museum or the William Morris gallery marked ‘Rosalind Fowler, C/O Rebecca Jacobs, William Morris Gallery’, or post your packets to: William Morris gallery, Lloyd Park, Forest Road, London, E174PP. I also need extra empty seed packets so please send in any donations. You could alternatively drop your packets off at the Eco Yurt this weekend at the Walthamstow Garden Party on 16th/17th July, or at Cultivate’s produce show on 4th September.

Deadline for entry: Sunday 11th September