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Join in the Cultivate Produce Show!  - Cultivate Waltham Forest
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Join in the Cultivate Produce Show! 

Join in the Cultivate Produce Show! 

*How to enter the competition:* Everyone growing food or preparing preserved food in Waltham Forest is encouraged to enter the Cultivate Produce Show. Bring your entries between 1pm and 3.30pm to the Cultivate Marquee. Winners will be announced from 5pm.

*Fresh Produce Categories:* All fresh vegetables or fruit should include stalks and/or some leaf to show that they have been grown fresh from the plant.

• Best Fruit or Vegetable: Bring up to 7 examples of the same fruit or vegetable you have grown.

• Best Platter: Use a dinner plate, small tray or small chopping board to display a combination of up to 7 different home grown fruit, vegetables, herb and/or edible flowers.

• Exotic Crops: For local growers who are growing edible plants not typically grown in this country such as citrus plants, chickpeas and pineapples. Bring up to 7 pieces of fruit, herb or vegetable.

*Preserved Produce Category:* Celebrating the skills to continue enjoying your edible crops throughout the year. • Entries can include: pickles, pesto, jam, jellies, fruit leathers, honey, sourdough bread.

*Young Growers Categories:* This year we are especially celebrating the talent and perseverance of Waltham Forest’s young growers. (Guidelines for entries are as for the adult categories).

• Young Growers: 7yrs and under: Best Fruit or Vegetable

• Young Growers: 8yrs and over: Best Fruit or Vegetable

• Young Growers: 8yrs and over: Best Platter

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