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The Waltham Forest Cultivate Festival in Pictures! - Cultivate Waltham Forest
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The Waltham Forest Cultivate Festival in Pictures!

The Waltham Forest Cultivate Festival in Pictures!

We have a great selection of images that give you a taster of the joy that is the Waltham Forest Cultivate Food Festival!  If you missed an event here’s a chance to have a quick view of what happened.  Click on the images to view.

CWF 2016 IMG 2

The Food Produce Show – Images: Penny Dampier


Cultivate Festival 2016

Art, Food & the Environment at the Wm Morris Gallery

Cultivate festival, Young peoples Forum 2016

Young People’s Forum – Food Futures

Cultivate Festival 2016

Gardener’s Q&A and Advice Sessions – Autumn Harvest


The People’s Food Fair at the Hornbeam


Cultivate festival 2016

Our Homegrown Medicine – A Herbal Stow Treasure Hunt


Cultivate Festival 2016

Open Garden with OrganicLea and The Clove Club