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Cultivate Produce Show

Cultivate Produce Show

Cultivate Waltham Forest Promises
A Spectacular September Harvest

Championing local urban food growing – Waltham Forest food growers and producers celebrate their autumn harvest successes and share their skills….

The Cultivate Produce Show on Sunday 3 September at Leytonstone Street Fest invites growers at all levels to enter their food growing successes and prized recipes with categories for all ages. An appetising programme that runs throughout the afternoon from 12-7pm includes: The Cultivate Produce Show competition, expert food growing advice, cookery demos, performance, workshops, children’s area and the Big Compost Giveaway.

Bring your entries between 1pm and 3.30pm to the Cultivate Marquee, Church Lane Car Park, Leytonstone. Winners will be announced from 5pm.

Competition categories:
• Best Fruit or Vegetable, Best Platter, Exotic & Heritage Crops
• Preserved Produce including pickles, pesto, jam, jellies, leathers, honey, bread
• Young Growers, Best Fruit or Vegetable
• For business: Are you a local Urban Food Champion? Growing, producing or selling? Enter online in advance for the business category.

Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment said: “September is all about harvesting. Our aim is to become the food growing capital of London and working with our residents, voluntary groups, schools and delivery partners we’re making great strides to make this happen, especially in Leytonstone where 2 new growing sites have been created since last year – namely Mills Court and Granleigh Road Estate. I’m pleased to announce that a third site will be created on Harvey Road E11 by the start of September and will be available for residents to apply for from October 2017. Cultivate will once again showcase what our borough has to offer and will give the opportunity to get your hands dirty and get involved in the many opportunities that will be on offer. Our hugely popular compost giveaway will once again take place across the borough. After giving away over 700 tonnes of compost since Cultivate began in 2014 and, we’re aiming to add to that figure and continue to support our growers in their efforts. There is no event like this in London so come along and get involved!”

The Compost Giveaway will take place from Friday 8th September to Sunday 17th September 2017 at the following locations:
• Church Lane Car Park, Leytonstone E11 1HE
• Langthorne Park car park, Birch Grove, Leytonstone E11 4YG
• Leyton Jubilee Park, Seymore Road, Leyton E10 7BL
• John Beanse Waste & Recycling Education Centre car park, Pimp Hall Nature Reserve, 48 Kings Road, Chingford E4 7HR
• St James Park, Essex Road, Walthamstow, E17 7AS

The Cultivate Waltham Forest Produce Show is delivered in partnership with Waltham Forest Council and Cultivate Festival partners across the borough.

Full Cultivate Produce Show competition details are given in the events section here.


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Images: Penny Dampier and Alan Husband